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Customer Testimonials

Anna Paeshuyse

I keep returning to Ecossentials because the selection is so great! Never bought a product that I wasn't really satisfied with. I find all the info I'm looking for on the website and know that everything has been tested. You can tell that Ecossentials is run with love by every detail, from the detailed explanations, the wonderful socials to the way each order is packed.

Roxan De Ridder

I am so satisfied with Ecossentials! I do not know any other webshop with the customer service that Ecossentials provide. Everything is possible, with a smile and all. I've been a happy customer for a few years, and my experience with the shop has only improved.
You go, Ecossentials!

Margot Vanden Bossche

Ecossentials is THE place for all my zero waste goodies, from tooth brushes, shampoo bars to toilet paper: I always order on Ecossentials and I love the products. The thing I love the most on Ecossentials is that it has new products that you can't find anywhere else online. Moenia is always so friendly and happy to help. One of my fav webshops!