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It’s my mission to make a sustainable lifestyle accessible by offering products that help you reduce waste on a daily basis! 



Thank you for visiting Ecossentials and kickstarting your sustainable lifestyle!
I’m Moenia, a motivated student-entrepreneur and full-time ecowarrior. I started this company out of a passion for sustainability and love for nature.
I used to online shop a lot, throw away food, avoid tapwater and overconsume.  Even though it’s a hot topic today, living sustainably then wasn’t made very attractive (to me). Lots of products were spread over several shops or countries. That’s why I started this journey, to help others like me find their way towards a more ecological lifestyle, in the easiest way possible! 

There’s no such thing as perfection and that also applies to more sustainable living. I want to encourage all of you to be proud on the small steps you’re already taking!

I really aim to be a total concept where I like to inspire, inform & activate as much people as possible. I’ve spent one year doing research about how to be a fully sustainable business, so customers don’t need to worry about the real ecological impact of their order.

I want to show large companies that if a single student can minimize its supply chain with few resources, they can too.

That’s why I created a single platform where you can find all alternatives to single-use plastics, which help you produce less waste every day!

Green love,

Let's Rock It Together


entrepreneur // owner

Moenia ladhib

Change doesn’t happen overnight , so start where you can. Little by little, we can change the world.

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