If you even have the tiniest bit of interest in sustainability, then you must have come across Armedangels before: it’s safe to say they’re one of the biggest sustainable fashion brands out there. You can find them online and offline, in your neighbor's closet or maybe even in your own wardrobe. Armedangels is taking over the scene by storm, and they deserve it! 

Why I love them

To me, Armedangels is at the forefront of (fashion) change: I see an honest company that translates their ideals into everything it does. And they do so for over 15 years already. That’s right, way before fair fashion was a big thing. They don’t focus too much on trends but instead choose to provide a fashionable line of clothing that can be worn all year round and can last you a lifetime. They have something for everyone and they’re quite affordable too, making it more accessible to the mass consumer. 

Born activists

You might know that we at Ecossentials try to be more than just a brand/business. We speak up, use our voice, we stand on the barricades and ask for change, loudly. You might call that activism. Insert another reason to love Armedangels: they hold several actions and campaigns every year, where they use their platform and voice for the better. They design capsule collections, like my favorite ‘Vote The Assholes Out’ shirts, where they donate revenue to charity or NGO’s. In 2020 it was even more than one million euros! And I love to see it, using power for real change!

Sustainable materials & circularity

Since Armedangels has more access to better resources, they’re able to develop sustainable innovations together with partners and reach the general public with it. They also work with more sustainable production methods, such as environmentally friendly ways of dyeing and washing, and reducing their water consumption and CO2 emissions. Besides that, they have a big focus on circularity: they transform waste into garments, reuse post-consumer textile and use recycled cotton & polyamide. 

What I also love is that they thought about the end-of-life of their products. You can now send them your old Armedangels clothes so that they can reuse them. In exchange, you get a discount on your next purchase! That’s such a fun and simple way to encourage people not to just throw away their clothing and give them a new life. 

Transparency & authenticity

Now how do we know if a brand is truly sustainable? When I first look into a brand, I check their transparency and communication first. To me, it’s very important that brands are honest towards their customers (and towards themselves), taking responsibility in sharing the right information. We as consumers deserve to know where our money goes! Armedangels is a very transparent brand. On their website, you can find a wide section on their sustainable commitment, their mission, factory data, circularity reports and more! You can take a look here. 

A very big focus also goes to fair working conditions in the production chain: it only works with sustainable, certified factories and Armedangels has a good map of which parties are collaborating in the production chain. Since 2015, the brand has been a Fair Wear member (an organization that works with its members - clothing brands - to promote good working conditions in the production chain) and carries Leadership status, the highest score attainable.

About their disruptive, fair DetoxDenim 

What Armedangels might be most known for, is their DetoxDenim: made without hazardous chemicals and now also available with 100% recycled cotton. They eradicate all unnecessary chemicals - from organic cotton cultivation without synthetic pesticides to bleaching without toxic chlorine.The production process is as sustainable as possible, where they save tons of water and energy. Better for your skin and the planet! 

My favorites

I own a pair of MAIRAA mom fit, ENIJAA Hemp (made of organic cotton hemp mix) and the RUMAA flared (made from 100% organic cotton). They’re honestly all so comfortable - and they stay that way! They don’t get a saggy fit or loose color too much (if you care for them properly, of course). They’re soft, flowy and timeless - a true recommendation to everyone!

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