co2 neutral delivery

Of course, a webshop is often accompanied by a certain ecological impact. However, with the right attitude a lot can be done to minimize this impact. That is why, at Ecossentials, we opt for the shortest possible supply chain, with different shipping options so that CO2 emissions are reduced as much as possible.


Do you live in Antwerp (2000)? Then you can choose to have your parcel delivered by the CargoVelo bicycle courier service. This way your parcel can be shipped and delivered completely CO2-free!

Hytchers, the CO2 neutral delivery

Hytchers delivers parcels through our community of commuters. Since they use the trips they make anyway, these ecological deliveries do not lead to additional CO2 emissions.

An independent agency (Ecores) has compared the greenhouse gas emissions between Hytchers and traditional delivery services. Tests showed that Hytchers can reduce CO2 emissions by 88%. In addition, they reinforce their positive impact on the environment by offsetting the CO2 emissions of their users. To this end, CO2Logic has awarded them the “CO2-neutral delivery service” label.

Climate-neutral shipping DPD

Climate-neutral parcel delivery at no extra cost to senders and recipients. They closely monitor the greenhouse gases they emit and continuously take action to reduce our carbon footprint. That’s why they compensate for the unavoidable emissions by investing in renewable energy and clean energy generation projects.

Plant a tree

For every order, we plant one tree – in Belgium ourselves or via One Tree Planted abroad! 

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