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Hi, thank you for visiting ecossentials and kickstarting your sustainable lifestyle! ecossentials is a sustainable, inclusive & plastic free webshop, that’s here to help you in finding your way towards a more ecofriendly life.

We really aim to be a total concept where we like to inspire, inform & activate as much people as possible. We’ve spent lots of time doing research on how to be a fully sustainable business, from beginning to end, so customers don’t need to worry about the real ecological impact of their order.

That’s our promise to you.

Moenia Ladhib

Meet Moenia Ladhib, founder of ecossentials & a passionate full-time ecowarrior!

Moenia started this journey out of a personal necessity: she used to online shop a lot, throw away food, avoid tapwater and overconsume. After traveling for a while, Moenia noticed a shift in her own personal behavior: she started living more mindful & more aware of how she was treating our planet.

Step by step, she became more & more ecofriendly. But even though sustainability is a hot topic today, living more sustainably a couple of years ago wasn’t made very easy or attractive. And that’s what Moenia wanted to change, so she could help others like her in finding their way towards a more ecological lifestyle, in the easiest way possible!

So at the beginning of 2020, Moenia launched ecossentials, to create an online platform for sustainable brands & makers, that help consumers to reduce waste on a daily basis.

We try to raise our voices as much as possible, challenging those in charge to make a positive change. But only participating in climate strikes, sadly, isn't enough. By giving back, wherever & whenever we can, we can try to accelarate the sustainability movement. That's why we're also a proud member of '1% for the Planet', where we directly donate 1% of our total annual sales to environmental causes. The intent of 1% for the Planet is to help fund these diverse environmental organizations so that collectively they can be a more powerful source in solving the world’s problems.

Moenia’s motto:

There’s no such thing as perfection and that also applies to more sustainable living. Let’s all encourage each other in the small steps everyone’s already taking, ‘cause together and with the right mindset, we can create a real impact!

Yessin Ladhib

Meet Yessin Ladhib, our multifunctional all-rounder & webdesigner!

Yessin has always been passionate about webdesign, so being able to create this concept together with his sister, is a dream come true.

Living sustainable wasn't something he gave much thought, but while the range of ecossentials kept growing, his interest did too! Now he can't imagine going back to living unsustainably, for himself and for our planet.

He's been a great asset & help to ecossentials since day one, so it was only natural that he joined his sister's company, where together they try to create a more ecological and better world.

Yessin’s motto:

Work for a cause, do good & always strive for the better.

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