Our Partners

We love forming partnerships with other sustainable brands, to raise more awareness and show you the various alternatives out there. As you might see, sometimes we do partner up with bigger, less green fish. Why? Well, we try to support almost all initiatives that try to be more sustainable in their field of work. Our support doesn't mean that everything is picture perfect or that you shouldn't educate yourself on the matter. Please do so! Information is so important, and everyone has the right to make their own decisions. Ask questions , be critical!

Sustainable Family

Sustainable Family is thé reference when it comes to expertise and learning about sustainability. With their accessible and extended expertise platform & app, they aim to inspire, educate & inform as many people as possible about a sustainable lifestyle.


Our first offline shop, our curated corner at Uniqlo Meir in Antwerp, with a various selection of products from the webshop, ready for you to discover! Uniqlo focusses on LifeWear, simple & well designed components to create timeless
essentials, made to last.

River Clean Up

River Clean Up is a non-profit which is committed to making our rivers clean again, by organizing several actions. After the floods in the summer, they committed to help the affected areas, by helping with cleaning all the rubbage and waste. And so did we (& you could too)!

Got Bag

Got Bag wants to tackle the advancing plastic pollution of our oceans and encourage a more conscious use of natural resources. Their bags, made from ocean waste plastic, aren't only beautiful, they're very sturdy, multifunctional, washable and more! A cool brand with products for everyone.


What's so special about the bedding range from Yumeko? They're one of the few companies in the Netherlands that have been awarded both the GOTS & the Fairtrade mark. Besides being sustainable, their bedding is super soft, comfortable & beautifuly designed!

Armed Angels

I never get tired of Armed Angles or their values. It's their mission to combine fair working conditions and sustainable, high-quality materials with beautiful design. Instead of chasing the latest trends, they focus on modern collections. Fair Fashion instead of Fast Fashion!

Binnenste Buiten

Binnenste Buiten works on the inside and outside of people living in poverty. They get more opportunities for work, social contacts, ... ecossentials gives accessible diy workshops to those in need.

Organic basics

Organic Basics designs everything to last. That means investing in quality fabrics and workmanship - but it also means designing with simplicity and function in mind. Fair Fashion, made more accessible.


Kringwinkel is the place to be to find a wide range of second handitems that fit every budget. From books, furniture & clothing to decoration, cutlery & plants - they have tons of unique items to discover!

Just Waldo

Waldo Vintage is a BE digital marketplace that connects vintage professionals with vintage seekers. By bringing pre-loved items back in the fashion loop, needless tons of textile waste can be reduced. And we have a curated collection too!


We're the proud sustainability partner of travel organisation WaveMate, offering our products to their travellers & giving workshops! They organise the most fun & beautiful surf experiences, with respect for nature & planet.


Oxfam tries to advocate for a better world by organising several petitions and strikes for our climate. We're happy to be one of their trusted changemakers, where we try to inspire, inform and activate as many people as possible.


Swapfiets gives you the oportunity to get a bicycle for a fixed monthly fee. Broken bicycle? No problem - just reach out and they give you a new one or fix it! Their design is also as circular as possible. Epic service, made easy.

The Barn

The Barn is a permanent indoor market with 100% organic products, offered in bulk & at fair prices. Every day, it's their mission to offer organic food at accessible prices to as many people as possible, with the best sustainable & local partnerships!


Seeing your face on 40m2 all across Belgium, in media & on TV is a weird feeling! I participated in this campaign, even if ENGIE wasn't always sustainable, to start the conversation! To be critical, ask questions, look for solutions, together.