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What's in a Name

We love learning you how to make your own sustainable products, from hair care & cleaning products to make-up & more!

Sustainable living is often regarded as expensive or difficult. We try to change that point of view through our DIY workshops! By working with leftover ingredients & materials you often have lying around at home, we try to focus on learning you how to live more sustainably, without spending too much! Luckily, there are plenty of products you can make yourself & while doing so, your wallet, health & the planet will thank you.

Another advantage of making your own products, is that you exactly know what goes in them. From being able to control allergens to the peace of mind of knowing what is in your products, making your own cosmetics has only upsides!

Kringwinkel Antwerpen

Hele leuke workshops waar je ook echt bruikbare items en informatie mee naar huis krijgt die iets bijdragen aan je ecologische voetafdruk!

GO! Atheneum MXM

Hands on learning en een verhoogd bewustzijn creëren over het milieu is een bangelijke combo. Als het dan nog eens top begeleid wordt door een jonge vrouw vol passie, zie je de kinderen voor je ogen groeien!

Workshops With Impact

Our workshops are the ideal activity for team building, bachelor parties, schools, non-profit organisations ... or just for your friends & family! Besides teaching you how to make certain products, we try to focus on positive learning too, by showing the fun & easy side of sustainability.

Workshops are given by founder Moenia, with passion, care & enthousiasm. So far, she taught more than 200 people, from adults to children, how to DIY sustainably!

All our workshops are customizable to your wants & needs, so just drop us a line via below form for more information and a quotation.

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