This soap allows you to cut back on plastic waste in the kitchen!

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You can use this soap to do pretty much all your household chores. For washing dishes, you can simply cut off a piece of soap and dissolve it in water. Or, our favourite and most effective method, rub the soap into a dishwashing sponge or brush and get cleaning. This soap even works with really dirty pots!

This soapy mixture can be used for all kinds of household cleaning, and also used as a basis for laundry detergent.

This soap, unlike our shower soaps, has a more traditional oil-base ratio. It is still mild enough to leave your hands soft after washing, but its main aim is to clean glasses, rather than caring for and hydrating your skin.

*organic & handmade – vegan – free of palm oil, plastics or chemical agents such as SLS – not tested on animals


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