Naturally cool to the touch, jade rollers have a soothing, cooling effect on the skin, calming inflammation, irritation, and redness!

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We all want to maximize our daily routines to get the best results. One tool that packs a punch in a low tech, high results way: the jade roller!

Naturally cool to the touch, jade has a soothing, cooling effect on the skin, calming inflammation, irritation, and redness! These crystals are packed with minerals (including magnesium, iron, and oxygen) that help reduce inflammation and support renewal of skin cells. Regular massages help promote blood circulation and improves oxygen supply to the skin, thus improving elasticity, skin tone and collagen production.

The roller can be used by itself or in combination with face masks, serums, moisturizers, and facial oils for better absorption of the product.

How To Use

This roller is both easy to use and feels super smooth on skin. Gentle steady pressure is all that is needed! Can be used daily, morning and evening in combination with your skincare.

  1. Start with a cleansed face, applying a serum or facial oil if you want to, but you can also just roll on a blank canvas.
  2. Roll up with the large end of the roller, starting at the base of your neck, and following the arrows in the graphic below, go in an upward and outward direction.
  3. On your forehead, start at the midpoint and roll outward in each direction. It’s helpful to start on the left or right side of your face, then do the other side.
  4. Don’t forget the eyes! Using the small end of your facial roller, roll gently outwards on your under eye and lid areas.
  5. Once you’ve rolled up and out all over your face, start rolling down. This will encourage lymphatic drainage and help to decrease puffiness.
  6. Start at the forehead and roll out and down toward temples, then down and out along cheeks and towards jawline. Roll downwards on your neck.
  7. Finish with a little squeeze with your hand at the lymph nodes. Squeeze at the base of your neck on each side, and under each armpit. This will further encourage drainage. Basically, you’ve directed everything to drain to your lymph nodes, and now you need to help the lymph nodes to let go of the excess fluid.

Pro tip: Rollers can be hand-warmed before use or popped in the fridge a few minutes prior to rolling for an extra cooling effect used cold to re-invigorate a sore and tired face.

*Packaged & Delivered completely plastic free!

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