Skip the unnecessary plastic gift packaging! Give a plasticfree shower experience as a present (or for yourself)!

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Skip the unnecessary plastic gift packaging! This Giftbox and the products inside are 100% (micro)plastic free. Not an ounce of plastic is used for the production, storage and shipping of these cheerful gift boxes. This way you give someone (or yourself 😉) a conscious and pleasant gift! Vegan, free from palm oil & sulphates, handmade in The Netherlands, plastic free & equals +- 15 bottles of plastic!

The medium Giftbox contains a delicious selection of the lavender Shampoo-, Conditioner- and Body Bars. This gift is a guaranteed success for lavender lovers!

The large Giftbox contains a delicious selection of the lavender Shampoo-, Conditioner- and Body- and Shaving Bars. You will also find a Natural Deodorant in the Giftbox. This gift is a guaranteed success for lavender lovers!

These gift sets are for all the lavender lovers out there! Lavender is the color and scent of calming, youthfulness, creativity, fantasy and optimism. Lavender naturally reduces blemishes and soothes the skin (and hair). In addition, the soothing purple plant relaxes the body and improves the mood! Rather a more fruity gift set? Check the Tropical Bliss Gift Box here!


Purple Rain Shampoo Bar

A deep, nurturing cleansing that smells deliciously like lavender. A generous experience in the shower! This Shampoo Bar is named after the beautiful song of Prince for a reason; it is impossible not to think of the song while using this soothing Shampoo Bar.

Lavender Bliss Conditioner Bar

Smell this lavender bar and you imagine yourself in a fragrant field of flowers in France. Besides being a beautiful decoration, lavender is also a blessing for your mood, skin and hair. After using this spicy Conditioner Bar you are ready for a new day. Calm, security and care in a cheerful purple Bar. The Conditioner Bar makes your hair wonderfully soft and makes it fall well. For an optimal hairday, every day again!

Body Bar Lavender

Lavender is symbolic of love, devotion, passion and purity. The promise of a new adventure. This fits nicely with what you experience when you smell the delicious Lavender Body Bar. Pureness and the promise of a new day. Start the day right! This Body Bar provides a relaxed, clean and promising start of the day.

Natural Deodorant Lavender

Smell this plastic-free deo and you’ll feel like you’re in a field full of lavender. A nice feeling under your armpits! The deodorant is extremely effective against sweat due to the clever composition of natural ingredients. In addition, the jar easily lasts 2 to 3 months. Lavender is wonderfully soothing, soothing and nurturing. And despite these soothing properties certainly a powerful deodorant.

Happy Shaving Bar Lavender

Lavender is a pleasure for your skin, body and mood. And say for yourself, how nice is it to smell this cheerful plant? The Shaving Bar makes your skin wonderfully soft and ensures a close shave. Just as effective as a normal can of shaving foam, but without the chemical ingredients and contaminating packaging.




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