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What you put against your skin matters! These biodegradable, organic cotton pads are extremely breathable, are individually wrapped in bioplastic for on the go, contain no nasty chemicals & are biodegradable! Made fairly in Italy.

You use Yoni pads like any other pad! Only difference, Yoni pads are made from organic cotton with a bioplastic backing. No plastic. No perfume. No added anything!

Made without: rayon, polyester, perfume, deodorants, artificial dyes, phthalates, pesticide-treated cotton, chlorine or chlorine dioxide processing, SAP, ethanolamine, diethylhexyl adipate, acetone, chloroethane, chloroform, chloromethane, or acetophenone

Why do we use organic cotton?

What are the benefits? You don’t need plastic or perfume for a great product. Choosing organic cotton pads means you’re choosing a hypo-allergenic liner, and that you’re making an environmentally friendly choice.

Which size do I need?

Compare the number of droplets of the pads you use now and choose a Yoni product with the same amount of droplets.


10 organic cotton pads with wings


82% certified organic cotton and 18% biodegradable biopolymer derived from cornstarch

The organic cotton is certified by the SOIL Association according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Now you are thinking “hmm? isn’t biodegradable plastic also bad and why not choose reusable liners?” 

For menstrual products it’s really really hard to find 100% plastic-free products since they need to be leakproof and also the wrapping needs to keep moisture away so the product isn’t ruined. In such a case we choose the most sustainable option available. In regards to reusable products, those do not work for everyone since every body is different and everyone’s preference is different. Sometimes disposable menstrual products are the only option when you are on the go or traveling. Overall, we want to offer comfortable and sustainable menstrual products for everyone!


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Medium Flow, Heavy Flow


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