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Electric toothbrushes can also be durable, now that you can recycle the toothbrush heads! I have been using a bamboo toothbrush for several years, but I also own an electric toothbrush. Wasting all those heads, didn’t work for me. But now there’s a more sustainable alternative to the electric toothbrush. Finally!

The plastic used in the Oral-B Compatible Brush Heads from LiveCoCo is a thermoplastic (it can be melted) and is recyclable. They also use a recyclable form of nylon in the bristles of the Brush Heads. The brushes have soft bristles, so they are suitable for when you have sensitive gums. In addition, they are vegan.

About the product

  • A brush will last 3 months
  • 2 x Recyclable brush heads with charcoal bristles
  • Removes plaque, dental stains & odor-causing bacteria
  • Suitable for Oral-B* electric toothbrushes (that comes with a round brush head, excluding iO versions)
  • Vegan
  • Recyclable

Return Process

To guarantee that the products are actually recycled, LiveCoCo has set up their own closed-loop recycling system. This way you can be sure that your electric toothbrush head will actually be reused. You simply send the used toothbrushes back to LiveCoCo or to us!

You send the attachments back to the United Kingdom (it’s smart to first save some to avoid unnecessary emissions) and then you get the amount back from LiveCoCo. In THIS LINK you will find more information about this.

Rather send them back to us? Sending them back in an enveloppe is just fine – we’ll collect them for proper recycling, so they can be given a second, third, fourth.. life!


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