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Traditional safety razors are an effective swap for plastic-free shaving!

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Shaving: Most of us do it. Unfortunately, billions of plastic razors and cartridges are thrown away every year. They cannot be recycled, as the metal is embedded in plastic. So, all this plastic is burned or ends up in nature. This is a disaster for the environment. Luckily, there are better options.

Zero-waste shaving with safety razors

Traditional safety razors are an effective swap for plastic-free shaving. These zero-waste razors were widely used before the mass production of single-use razors. Major shaving companies, who only had profit in mind, made the traditional razor forgotten. Still, the zero-waste razors are now the best alternative for men and women alike.

One recyclable blade

The zero-waste razors use one single blade made from stainless steel. Thus, the blades are easily recyclable. Please do check with your local recycling point for information about recycling the blades!

How often the blades need to be replaced depends on shave frequency and hair type, this can vary from a few weeks to months. Double edge safety razor blades are economical and can be bought in most supermarkets or online.

Ideal for beginners

The Bambaw safety razor is ideal for beginners. It is designed for easy use and the closed comb makes it less aggressive than an open comb. Shaving with the eco-friendly razor is different from a cartridge razor. Therefore, a complete and illustrated online user manual is included.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 Bambaw metal safety razor (with or without stand)
  • 1 Astra razor blade
  • 1 In-depth digital user manual

7 reviews for SAFETY RAZOR(S) – METAL

  1. yessin ladhib

    Best razor ever!

  2. pieter dirix

    Amazing close shave. Normally i have problems with shaving burn, but with this razor i can consistently shave without having any skin problems. (also love how sleek it looks)

  3. Anaïs (verified owner)

    Great razor! It takes some time to get used to it, but it gives a nice clean shave! Love it!

  4. Lara Delacourt (verified owner)

    Very happy with this razor! It’s easy to use and gives incredible results. I am never going back to plastic ones now. I also love the price point 🙂

  5. Silke (verified owner)

    Did a first shave and it went better than expected! Using shaving soap and doing short strokes with the razor takes some more time in the beginning, but it feels like a quiet moment for yourself. Also, Moenia was a very helpful when some shipping problems occured. Thanks for that, Moenia! Keep up the good work!

  6. Cato (verified owner)

    Very nice razor, I use it together with the shaving soap. It was way easier to use and better than expected. I would never go back to the plastic one’s!

  7. Evy (verified owner)

    Super product! Oogt ook mooi in de badkamer maar de benen zijn vooral glad… & dat met het scheren op de oude wijze.

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