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Accidents are in a small corner and a stain is made easily! With this 100% plastic free stain remover soap, you can remove (grease) stains in no time from your clothing, various types of textiles and your tablecloth. This is completed by a delicious fresh lemon scent!

No more packaging needed

This tingly fresh stain remover soap doesn’t contain an ounce of plastic and is just as effective!

Free of parabens and sulphates

You won’t find sulphates and parabens in this Stain Remover Soap. Why is that important? It’s because paraben is a chemical that is used to make products last longer. Many people are allergic to this substance and it can be bad for your body. Enough reason to avoid them. Sulphates are a means of foaming a product. The disadvantage is that these natural oils can be extracted from the skin. Our staining soap doesn’t need these foamers because of the use of natural ingredients.


  • Vegan
  • Free from palmoil
  • Handmade in The Netherlands
  • 100% natural


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