The sustainable toilet block for a happy toilet!

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The sustainable toilet block for a happy toilet! Each flush provides a wonderful fragrance and a powerful foaming and cleaning boost for your toilet. So you can enjoy that one moment all to yourself. Choose your own favorite scent or try them all!

Toilet Tapes are very easy to use! Whether you have a regular toilet, a toilet with a high rim or a rimless toilet, Toilet Tapes always fits! Pull the strip from the cardboard and lower the cup down along the inside to about 5-8 inches into the toilet. Then tape the strip in place and you’re ready to flush.


  • Contains up to 90% less plastic (than regular toilet blocks)
  • Biodegradable soaps & ingredients.
  • Sustainably packaged in FSC cardboard.
  • Contains no salt.
  • Lasts a minimum of 160 rinses.
  • Cleans and foams powerfully.
  • Hygienic adhesive strip.
  • Can be applied and removed without getting your hands dirty.
  • Also suitable for rimless toilets.
  • Compact size (h*w*d = 90mm*65mm*22mm)
  • Sustainably packed in FSC cardboard


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Lavender, Cotton, Floral, Lime


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