This product is 100% made of misprints. Each piece is unique!

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A busy life means a busy week. Organise your entire week with this weekplanner and never again miss a ‘to do’ or an appointment. Is your schedule going wrong anyway? Don’t worry, with this tear off blocnote you get a new chance every week.

This product is 100% made of misprints. Each piece is unique.
Can you see the beauty in waste? Buy this product and unwaste!

Size: 18 x 27 cm

About Redo Papers

I can’t express enough how happy I am to be able to stock the products of Redopapers: A female owned Belgian brand! Linde and Tille are passionate about paper as a working material and book design, which stems from their background in graphic design. Their designs are deliberately uncomplicated and clean, allowing the materials to take the lead role.

Driven by a passion for real craftsmanship, typography and beautiful, tactile design, Redopapers explores ways to repurpose this paper to create unique, handmade design products. These are the four pillars of their mission.


The printing process generates a large amount of paper waste and surplus, which consists of printed and unprinted paper. Redopapers thinks of ways to take this waste stream, and turn it into unique, handmade products. Redopapers subscribes to the ideas of the circular economy and has great fun designing waste materials back to life.

Local & Handmade

Because of the large variety in types and thickness of paper, creating Redopapers products requires a lot of manual work.

Every piece is made by hand in Antwerp, keeping the production small scale.


Redopapers teams up with those with special needs to offer work experience. They are given tasks according to their individual needs and skills, gaining work-experience and contributing meaningfully with supervision and guidance. Since all production steps remain in-house, the high quality standards of all products is maintained.


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